Feet Smelling 98


Goddess Empire`s Court! Its time for feet smelling!

The godlike young ruler has a whole court of slaves and servants. For every whim, she has to serve numerous servants and lackeys with the snap of her fingers.
So again today. While Maskenjoe has to do her the butler, Bobby will be allowed to serve her as a foot slave. A favor to which the other slaves very much envy him. Quasimodo has to record the whole thing with the camera and thus serve as a camera slave in the background. Maskenjoe has to kneel next to the bed and serve the super-sex goddess Champagne and various delicacies. That is his only task today. The rest of the time he is allowed to kneel and watch as Bobby pampers the mistress's feet.
After he has licked the high heels of the goddess clean, he should now smell strong on her feet. But only smelling is allowed. Even Quasimodo behind the camera is so languishing that he can endure the action only with utmost effort. But who knows what the divine ruler plans next? And with whom? The next 3 slaves wait behind the golden gate to be able to fulfill each of their commands with the utmost dedication.

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Feet Smelling 98

  • Product Code: Feet Smelling 98
Length: Minute
  • 3.55€

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