Dominant Handjob 199

You are so small you can only fuck my legs - cum on the fucking mirror Giantess Handjob!

Giantess Mistress Clarissa looks self-absorbed in the mirror while ignoring her slave's cock. She arrogantly admires herself in the mirror and casually jerks his cock without taking any notice of him. Then she asks him if he wants to fuck her. After the slave happily whines in the affirmative, she gives him the order to fuck her from behind. But of course he is far too small for that. She makes fun of him for wanting to fuck her like that when his cock isn't even at the height of her pussy. Your cock is by my legs do you want to fuck me like that..the most you can do is fuck my legs..come on..fuck my legs! And then the worthless slave is allowed to do nothing but fuck her nylon legs while looking up at her like an icon. But of course this doesn't give the capricious ruler any satisfaction and she just mocks him for his weak, pathetic pushing around with his little cock between her legs. Finally she milks him hard in front of the mirror and orders him to squirt everything on the mirror. After spraying fountains on the mirror, Clarissa orders him to clean the mirror on his knees with a cloth in his mouth.  

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Dominant Handjob 199

  • Product Code: Dominant Handjob 199
Length: Minute
  • 10.07€

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