Trampling 198

Foot Torture-Humiliation

Mistress Morgana gets ready for her 24/7 slave. The kinky Fetishlady comes home from an underground party. The stockings torn, tired and exhausted from dancing, she would like to immediately omit her vagaries on her slave. Bobby is already in his place where he belongs. Morgana wants to strip the dirt off her Doc Martens first. The shoes are totally dirty and Bobby has to serve as a scraper. The dominant grazy Fetishlady climbs on top of him and uses his body as a trampoling and stepper. She strips her dirty soles on his white T-shirt and uses his whole body as a doormat. With the Doc Martens, she climbs on top of him and squeezes his organs through. All moaning from him pleases her sadistic heart only more. With full pleasure she climbs him with the Martens on the face and orders him to lick her clean. Bobby has to lick and polish the totally filthy Martens everywhere with his tongue. Then she tells him to take off her shoes and then forces him to smell her feet. She presses his totally sweaty feet in her torn stockings on the face. And doing it verbally all the time.
She constantly haunts him, humiliates him loudly and orders him to inhale the salty-cheesy aroma of her sweaty feet after so many hours in the fucked up Doc Martens.
Finally, he should also lick her feet, sucking the sweat between the nylon toe. And then take off her nylons with her mouth. And the whole martyrdom continues with bare feet.

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Trampling 198

  • Product Code: Trampling 198
Length: Minute
  • 10.41€

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