Terror 10
Richie begged to be able to smell and kiss Vanessa's feet, and Vanessa then suggested that he be tied up in a game, Richie has hopes that she will probably hold her feet in his face as bound, etc. But it turns out differently. Vanessa triumphs over Richie with feminine power. She plays with his lust. He gets her feet, but a little different. She stands in front of him and pushes his face away with her feet. For a short time she holds her foot as if he was allowed to lick him just to poke him in the face again, and every now and then there were a few slaps in the face with his feet on his cheeks, which Vanessa had fun humiliating a man with his own lust grabs him by the nose and shakes him humiliatingly and gives him offensive slaps in the face, and she laughs at him all the time, and then he finally gets one of her feet held in the face - but when he tries to kiss and lick, she also bumps into him again with the foot away

Terror 10

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